Monday, April 29, 2013

Concordian International School Art Grade 9-11 UPDATED APRIL 2015

Grade 11 - I.B. Visual Arts Year One
IB Visual Arts Aims
The aims of the visual arts course at HL and SL are to enable students to:
  •  investigate past, present and emerging forms of visual arts and engage in producing, appreciating and  evaluating these
  • develop an understanding of visual arts from a local, national and international perspective
  • build confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences
  • develop skills in, and sensitivity to, the creation of works that reflect active and individual involvement 
  • take responsibility for the direction of their learning through the acquisition of effective working practices.
Architectural Renderings based on examples by Artist Nicholas Fintan

Forced linear perspective, with the straight-lined architecture contrasting the organic plant forms.

Still Life Drawings - influenced by the abstractions of artist Jay Defeo

Cabinet of Wonders
     The 'Cabinet of Wonders' were the personal and often idiosyncratic collections of individual, wealthy owners and contained both natural and man-made objects, assembled in the 17th Century.
     The main function of the cabinet was to provoke a sense of awe and curiosity in the viewer; in many ways they represented a world-view that valued the 'wonder' in an artefact much more than the need to analyse the chosen object. There were not yet universal systems of scientific classification and each collection sported its own unique organisational structure.

"The ideal collection should be nothing less than a theatre of the universe...
... keys to the whole of human knowledge...."
Cabinets of Wonder as Trompe L'oeil Paintings
Trompe L'oeil means to 'trick the eye'. These paintings emulated the real boxes did they do?

 Cabinets of Wonder - Assemblages of small worlds by our students.


'This cabinet of curiosities can be explained by the quote “there is a crack in every thing - that is how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen. This captures the concept of my box, as every artifact in the box seems to be flawed or otherwise abnormal. “Cracks,” questions the set of values with which human explain the meaning and purpose of life. Religions, myths, and folktales could never be developed if there are no cracks, this is why an apple with holes symbolizes knowledge, sin and the fall of man. When religion is falling apart the fishes that symbolize abundance and faith are swimming out of the cabinet, leaving the world as it is collapsing. What does the human being have left to depend upon? We must rebuild and reform. Either we must go back to the nature or technologize, thrive through scientific advances, as in the test tube and matches on one side of the cabinet. Humans are mentally tired, we break down. And religious teachings are diminished; we can only take temporary bliss from the medicine.' - Ami

Abstract Illusionism

Using paradoxical shadows with the simple structures of Minimalism and the brushmarks of Abstract Expressionism to create ambiguous spaces.

"When the Illusion is Lost, Art is hard to find. The work of the artists dubbed the Abstract Illusionists heroically dealt with many painting issues. Sometimes the beauty and lyrical painterly qualities of their work is overshadowed as the observer unravels the visual complexities involved in the abstract depiction of space. Dimension always exists in abstraction, no matter how it may be concealed."    Andrea Marzell, Los Angeles, CA

Mannequin Study
An Expressionistic take on an analysis of mannequins.

Bangkok Landscapes
These can be hard to find. These are interpretations influenced by Richard Diebenkorn and based on the skies and flat plains of the Samut Prakarn district.

Landscape with Thai Architectural Details


Grade 10 - Middle Year's Program Year 5

Hand Drawings
Using techniques to access the 'Right Side' of the brain.

Shadow Play
Give them a analysis using Surrealism as inspiration.

Identity IDU
Based on how current contemporary Chinese artists see themselves in China's post-Mao era

Mannequin Studies
Reduction Printmaking in 4 colours


Straight Line Dynamic Scupltures 
Constructed, Photographed and Imagined Onsite.


Grade 9 - Middle Year's Program Year 4

Face It - Facial Distortion is a way of creating emotion.

Face constructions based on cubist faceting can remind us of automatons, ethnic masks or Easter Islands famous statues...

Hooked - Cubist Distortion created by transparent overlaps.

Thai Pattern Tonal Study 
Creating a 3 dimensional pattern using light and dark to give the illusion of carved forms from Thailand.